Wednesday, September 9, 2009

~JouRNey LiFe in Kuantan~-first 3 months

"..ok, for the first lesson you need to create a blog..for those who have their own blog, please make a new post for today's date activitiy.."

Today i have my first class on second part of KOS11110 subject with Madam Linda. The task given is to create a blog..huhu Fortunately i had alraedy create once before this, but the new entry need to be in full English version..its quite advantage for me .

Writing essay in English..An activity that i had leave for a long time since completed my Level 6 class and EPT exam at CFS..A bad habit that need to be changed.(#_$)

p/s:Actually the owner of this blog didn'nt touch up her blog since two weeks ago..So she need some catalyst or petrol to restart back her writing..

Ok straight to the point,

Now i already have life in Kuantan Campus for almost three months.Maybe some of you can say that it's already late to story about that.It supposed to be post few days or one week after the taaruf week..but its ok..i just want to express plenty of my experience and life ,beside of practising writing in English..

For your information the environment of Kuantan campus is quite different from Gombak campus.Kuantan campus is surrounded by greeny forest and newer than Gombak. Besides here also less of facilities transportation.

We need to rent car to go outside the campus. Bus only come once in two hours..So for me, i prefer renting a car and drive for my own rather than waiting for the bus.


Studying in different courses make me difficult to meet with other friends from other courses since my kuliyyah is far among the others, even in the same Kuliyah it very rare to meet my friend from other department which are Biomed and CTS student.Kuliyyah of Science ( KOS ) located at the end of UIA campus.huu
By walking it takes for 15-20 minutes to reach there..

Can you imagine, Everyday you go to class and only meet with your classmates which about only 32 students and go back without meeting any other students from other year or department ?Unless you go to the cafe or any events that involves students.

Sometimes i monolog to myself.Do other student exist?That's was my first two month experinces learning here.Now i can slowly adapt the environment here..It's very lonely..


In addition ,Sciences students have the least contact hour in a week.I only have class for four days a week.Sometimes if there is no lab,only 3 days. So we have more free time than Medical,Pharmacy , and other courses student.

But at the same time ,I always bear in mind to use the time given from allah effectively and not waste time.Insya Allah.. ( Sometimes also fail..=(..huhu)

For instance, for me it's also very interesting to learn new subjects and gain experience learning with the foreigner lectuter...

Here i attached some pics of my kuliyyah..




Mohd Nuruddin Bin Mohamed said...

keep it up wa

khadira said...

the first picture resembles the Gombak Campus. what pic that resembles Kuantan Campus then? I wonder what...