Monday, February 1, 2010


Salam alaik’ …Hey guys! Last week I watched Prof dr Muhaya on TV2 giving some adviced and motivation about LOVE . It’s very interesting to listen about it. Her explanation make me stick on tv like a magnet and my eye didn’t move from the screen even a blink !

She’s a very good caunsellor actually. I like her way in giving information and counseling others. Like a caring and lovely mom talk to her children.
Here I share few of it. Do you know what is the real meaning of LOVE?
Let’s check it out!..jeng jeng.

L - Listen
O – Overlook people weakness and faults
V – Voice out our appreciation
E – Effort daily to make relationship work.

Allah creates two ears and one mouth for human .There’s must be something for us to think about it. Listen more and speak much.

There are so many people who want to speak, rather than people who want to listen..
Many people are used to hear, but few people is listening..
Hence there are few types of people.

Passsive listener

Some people are just hearing..His/ her left ears just got the wavelength of sound and go out through the right ears..He/ she hear , but didn’t pay any attention in the conversation.

Responsive/ Active listener

Some people are good listener. When others are talking he/ she will give such responses like nodding and say “ooh” “oo yeah” “yes! I agree”. He/ she pay good attention in the conversation and know clearly what is the main point is talked about.


If you realize, some people listen carefully to the conversation, but she/ he are waiting to argue with us.He/ she do not full heartedly listen to our views, but just want to voice out only her / his opinions is true.Actually it is not good in the conversation.

Try to appreciate what other’s views and idea.
You care for others ,you’ll be loved by everybody..

how beautiful and interesting of L.O.V.E. is..=), but TRUE LOVE is

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