Saturday, January 16, 2010

SLauGhTeRiNg CouRsE~

Alhamdulillah, thankful to Almighty God Allah S.W.T. for giving us opportunity to conduct Slaughtering Course today.. This program was firstly organized by Islamic Awareness Bereau Sciences ( IAB ) in UIA Kuantan.

I am so glad to see all seniors and juniors are working and processing the food together (gotong royong) to make this program succeed .

Although there are several obstacles midway to the program, Alhamdulillah by cooperation from all commetees, all the problem has been settled down . ( ^_^ )

Hence, during this program all the participants get one chicken per person to slaughter. For me this is my first experience slaughter a chicken with my own hand..huhu stil cannnot beleve..

So , this is the right time for us as a muslim to learn and have this precious experience in our life.

For your information , all the 75 chickens has been slaughtered in legal method without any of the chicken become a carcass. In stead of showing demonstration how to slaughter a chicken, there are also demonstration of slaughtering a goat before that..

Overall ,I really enjoy this program because it can strengthen ukhuwah among sciences students and get new freshy experience in my life..

Lastly I would like to congratulate and thank to all commetee members and everybody who involves in this program.You are the Pergh!!..=)

Here I attached some of the picture during that program..Hopefully you’ll enjoy it..

Ish..ramaila plak oram..nak lari ikut mana nie..

putus tak urat2?


Lapah pak cik ..jangan tak lapah..

Demo sembelihan ayam oleh penceramah..
*attribute buat Don presiden Sciences yang berjiwa rakyat..=)

Proses penyembelihan ayam bermula...para peserta mula menunjukkan skill masing2..

Anwar ,ex president SRC mula menunjukkan skill..

hehe..ada gaya tak..?

Hati-hati C.yah,jangan sampai terkerat jari..hee

Ustaz tengah memeriksa urat-urat ayam yang telah disembelih..

Jom masak!x sabau dah nak makan..


khadira said...

korang buat kt mane ni? kt kos ke?


yup kat kos..taklimat kat main audi kos..mmelih kat pade blake 2..hehe best =)

Anonymous said...
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